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A house with a history, tucked between mountains, woods and lakes.

Our little oasis of calm is the ideal destination for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, relaxation and pleasure seekers, fitness fans, spa worshippers and open-water swimmers. As a small, one-of-a-kind hotel, we are intent on setting ourselves apart from impersonal mass tourism.

For us, the perfect holiday includes nature, fine dining, comfortable spaces and an environment where you feel at home. And we work passionately to provide this for our guests every single day.

We have close ties and deep roots in this region of the Black Forest that we have been lucky enough to call home for generations. We’re Schwarzwälder — the Black Forest is a core part of our identity and at the heart of everything we do. We think locally and live sustainably with the goal of offering you the best stay possible.

The family
Small, fine, familial and natural

Small, fine, familial and natural: The Peterle is a place for refuelling, real Black Forest between mountains, forests & lakes.

Built by Robert Herrmann, the brother of Peter Herrmann, owner of the hotel Hirschen, as Pension house Sonnenschein. The roofing ceremony motto: ‚To this place, God has helped me, he built with this House. He can now also help me and bless all who go in and out’
occupied by the French & used as accommodation. The soldiers slept in the restaurant.
The first French holiday guests come, mediated by the Occupiers & State sponsored from Paris.
The house belongs to the order sister Hugard, who was a long-time superior on the ‘Bühlerhöhe and leads it as a pension. After her death she left the house of the city of Staufen, which leased it to Mrs. Erika Barquet.
Karl Peterle, tenant of the restaurant ‘Schwarzwaldhaus’ in Altglashütten, buys the house, gives him his name and reopens it as a hotel restaurant. The pension price is approx. 16.0-DM, 10% service as well as heating costs are charged extra.
Fam. Peterle builds the guesthouse with 12 rooms, bath/shower & WC on most rooms, house intercom and a TV room. Television in the guest rooms is available on request.
Theresia & Franz Müller buy the house from the childless couple Peterle, after a buy of the rented restaurant ‘Jostalstüble’ at Neustadt did not come about.
We may cherish our traditions, but we’re no strangers to change. For over 40 years now, we have been continually expanding, renovating and modernising our hotel. This history outlines the important milestones; more details can be found in our environmental information.
The restaurant is extended by building over the terrace (breakfast room). The main building is completely insulated and re-shingled.
Two family suites are added to the top floor.
The two buildings are connected by a lobby.
The holiday home is purchased and renovated. Ten guest rooms are fully renovated. The guesthouse is added with a new sauna and steam bath.
Tobias and Verena Müller get married.
The lobby is redesigned and a new wood-burning oven is added. New toilet facilities are installed in the restaurant.
Tobias Müller takes over the business on 1 January.
Matthae Müller is born on 25 November at 2.04 pm.
The main building’s hallway is redesigned. LED lighting is installed. Two bedrooms and bathrooms are renovated. The family suites are completely renovated. The guesthouse is rewired and WiFi access is provided in all bedrooms.
Our environment is important to us