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High black forest

Pure relaxation and pure nature

The high Black Forest is a geographically not exactly outlined area in the south of the Black Forest, but its center is around the Feldberg massif, with 1493 MA SL highest elevation of Germany outside the Alps.

Individual finds, e.g. at the Schluchsee, occupy the first people already in the Neolithic age. The Romans, who settled in the Rhine plain and the Baar, also crossed the high Black forest on paved roads. They called him ‘ Marciana Silva ’ (boundary forest).

However, a permanent settlement takes place only later from the Western Valleys (Monastery of St. Trudpert, 9th century, Convent of St. Blasien 948) and from the east from the Baar (Rötenbach, 819).

The originally dense mixed forest was cleared and used by fiefdom allocation of the monasteries, settlement sites and villages were created.

As a result, the still impressive Black Forest farms were created, large farm houses with the high rooms with small outbuildings, in which the people living in the partly secluded valleys supplied themselves self-sufficient.

In the middle of the 19th century the Black Forest was almost completely cleared by intensive use and was reforested under the leadership of the Baden ducal Forest administration lare-scale with rapidly growing spruce trees. At that time, the image of the Dark Fir forest, which is still shaping today, was created, which has been solidified by home films and advertising over the last few decades.

Today the Black Forest, with over 21 million overnight stays per year, is one of the most important tourist regions in Germany. Nevertheless, apart from the great sights, many original and authentic places have been preserved.

In the middle of the high Black Forest

In the middle of the high Black Forest, forests, mountains and lakes within a short distance, yet within an hour in Alsace, on the Rhine or in Switzerland: nature, culture, family-friendly, sightseeing and shopping are not far away